Pastor Mick

Main Lead

The face of COTS. Pastor Mick

started the Church and Charity in

March 2019 when he met with David

and Mary Hirst and helped the

homeless in Burnley.


These days you’ll find him driving

around in his van, delivering food

and essentials for those in need.


Aside from running Church services

and the 12 steps, if you need prayer,

counselling or pastoral help in any

way, he has all the experience to

assist you with life’s struggles.



Mary, together with her husband

David, and Pastor Mick pioneered

Church on the Street Ministries.


They started things off by heading

into Burnley Town Centre offering

the homeless food, drinks and



Today, you’ll still see her on the

street helping the homeless. Mary also gets involved and leads

Christian events, including Bible

studies and prayer groups.



Trustee / Secretary

Sarah has been an active member of

the Church since it first got setup

early last year.

​Her main job is a teacher, and she

has a busy life running classes with

primary school children. She also

spends a lot of time with her dog,


​She recently joined us as a trustee

and offers a wealth of knowledge

and experience that will help us run

the Church and charity.


Trustee / Treasurer

Paul joined us in September 2019

and helped to get Church on the

Street Ministries recognised as a

registered charity.

His main job is flying and in his

spare time he enjoys exploring the

outdoors, playing the guitar and

taking his motorbike for a country


He’s now involved with us as a

trustee and looks after the charity’s




Trustee / Chairman

Kevin’s been involved with the team

right from the start. These days he

serves on the board of trustees as



In his spare time, he’s a bit of an

action man! Running up mountains,

Thai boxing and martial arts,

walking the dogs. If you enjoy the

outdoors, you’ll be sure to pass Kev

on your exploits.


Safeguarding Officer

Paddy joined us earlier this year and

has already made his mark!


He has a wealth of experience in

social care and his experience was a

natural fit to take on his role as

safeguarding officer at COTS.


In his spare time he enjoys spending

time with friends, the outdoors and

walking his dogs


Pastor Emma

Preston Ministry

Emma recently joined us following

the work she does in the

community. She is going through the

TICCN ordination process with

Bishop's supervisor ​Rev Michael


Emma will be chairing and

organising recovery / street work for

Church on the Street Ministries in